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This means, that Women athletes will favor Winstrol over aromatizing compounds like testosterone. In men, it is highly unlikely that it will cause gyno. Because it does not aromatize. Having said that, if you are genetically predisposed or extremely sensitive, then you may still experience these side effects. A Winstrol only cycle would mainly be Testosterone Propionate for women athletes looking for some extra conditioning without the risk of virilization. I hav a question. I have had my winstrol tablet form inthe refrigerater for two weeks Just starting. How long can I Testosterone Propionate cycle solo on to it. Do I now have to keep it refrigerated. The whistle I ordered the supplier was out a pills so they sent me a liquid oral. Would you suggest Nick seen at in a pre-workout or a protein type drink or just shoot it straight. Two things: first, injecting winstrol does not reduce its hepotoxicity, it only eliminates first pass processing. It is still removed by the liver and equally toxic to it.

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